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Liquid Gold

The dance of the bees, represented in a score.

bee scale

And my next question is: can we make a bee-score that is written automatically, by blob-detection?
Can we, in a way or another, number the bees and work out a determination system to represent them by little squares as notes on a scale?

Or look into it more as an organic super-organism, defining its movements on the rhythm of natural parameters as sunlight and temperature? Driven by a specific entropy, going from order to chaos and vice versa? Unpredictable, with the volatility of a stockmarket creating their flow of liquid gold?

beegraph paperloop

1 year of bee-statistics: temperature, humidity and CO2 inside the beehive, + temperature and humidity outside the hive

initial diagram

first prototype
transportbanden Bruynooghe / conveyor belts

pss. production:

second prototype & blender renderings

inspiration for beegraph

Baro-Thermohygrograph (Meteorograph) for recording ambient temperature, relative air humidity and pressure. The instrument is equipped with high-grade measuring elements. Bimetal as temperature measuring element, hair array as humidity and temperature-compensated set of aneroid boxes for pressure measurement. The case is made of white coated aluminum die casting and removable upper part with crystal-clear Macrolon panoramic hood. All parts have been manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials.

bee books - TFT or LCD screen, microcontroller, video

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