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Je vois tout devant moi : le Songe d'une nuit d'été et Alice au Pays des Merveilles, mélangés à des concepts de Donna Haraway et Lynn Margulis. Des organismes avec une multitude de tentacules qui glissent parmi les spectateurs, les touchant de temps en temps avec un tentacule visceux ou avec d'autres substances organiques …

1. tapestry (green)

A woven topographic view visualizes the ecology of a symbiotic organism. It translates the collaboration between Acetobacter xylinum bacteria and Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells.
The original Sensorial Skins were grown in a culture of fresh hibiscus tea for the pink, and campèche-colored tea for the orange. The tapestries offer a play of light shining through the lightly woven, multi-layered work, reminiscent of the multiple layers woven by bacteria in an original Sensorial Skin. The tapestries are woven in 7 layers on a computer-controlled, state-of-the-art Dornier Jacquard weaving machine, with an array of organic fibers: linen, paper, polyester, elirex and cotton.

Work as presented on the photo: 180cm high on 190cm wide. 60cm of tapestry on the floor.

A woven topographic rendering visualizes the ecology of a symbiotic organism. It is the translation of the collaboration between Acetobacter xylinum bacteria and Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells. The original Sensorial Skin was grown by the bacteria and the yeast cells in a culture of fresh nettle-tea, sugar and vinegar.
The tapestry measures 225cm high x 170cm wide. It is woven in 7 layers on a computer controlled Dornier Jacquard weaving machine at the state of the art laboratory TextielLab Tilburg (Netherlands). The work can be presented as a wall hanging or it can be presented 'free standing' on customized metal tripods (see picture) on variable heights (between 235cm and 175cm). On the picture it is presented on the height of 175cm on the metal tripod, with the lower part of the tapestry spread over the floor. When presented 'free standing' there is a play of light shining through the lightly woven, multilayered work, which is recommended for the presentation.
The tapestry is woven with following fibers: linnen, colors salsa/martinique/canvas; paper, color rohbraun; techno, color: germoglio; polyester, color: chocolat; elirex, color: d'grey; bio cotton, color: white.

2. aquariums with living cultures

Acetobacter xylinum and Saccharomyces cerevisiae; Ascophyllum nodosum

I propose to present, in front or next of the tapestry, 2 aquariums with living cultures. Together with the video the 3 works create an intimate installation.
The aquariums will be custom made in proportion to the space assigned to the installation. The aquariums will be filled with freshly harvested seaweed and/or with symbiotic Kombucha and/or Kefir cultures.

3. video Theatrum Algaerium

Early in the morning on the fifth day of the harvest month of August 2021, a seaside ritual is taking place. In a durational performance with the sea, Anne Marie Maes’ Theatrum Algaerium rises from the waves. Metal frames hold fluttering weeds and algae-carrying jars filling up with tidal water create ‘narratives woven from the threads of past, present and future’, while a team of performers prepares and offers ocean delicacies. The waves threaten to swallow up the lab but in a repetitive action, structures, algae and jars are carried past the flood line.

The beach at Ostend. Bright blue sky. Footprints in a wet sandy beach.
And so steps form a path, a trail of people who have walked along the coastline of the North Sea. The trail interweaves with a chain of shells, crabs, seaweed and algae. And whoever bends down deeply sees how in that web of traces, life lives on.

The Sea gives and the Sea will take. Video 6'30“.
The Sea overwrites, again and again, creating a living archive. Creating a Palimpsest.

Video, 2021 - 6'30”.
Performers: AnneMarie Maes, Mieke Franquet, Margarita Maximova
Video Editor: Margarita Maximova
Music Score: Bill Bultheel
More info on the performance Theatrum Algaerium (2021) here

salt water aquarium

setting up an aquarium
air pump + timer
LED light
specific sea salt mix
specific substrate: salt water aquarium sand
pH testen

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