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Possible Futures

The Guerilla Beehive is a starting point for an exploration of possible futures. Navigating between abstract thought and concrete experiences, I use my imagination to think about alternative futures. The Intelligent Guerilla Beehive can be seen as an artifact from the future, a fragment of a world to come. I use this tangible design fiction to tell a compelling story, and through an installation, constructed with elements of various of my experiments, I create an immersive experiential future.


Bacteria, viruses and microbes living in skins, making patterns reflecting the environmental threats.
A double-sided cellulose skin, waxed at the one side and dressed with a pattern of porous stomata at the other side. An empty space in-between, giving room to beneficial bacteria to attack the varroa mites (BlackBetty) or a place for wicks drenched with Thymol essential oils to spread a constant tension.
The skin is a smart composite that integrates a mix of organic and electronic elements for sensing, actuating, for computation and for communication.


I imagine sending out my bees which are synthetically modified to forage on all kind of pesticides in order to make fields and soils clean again and, together, let us start all over …

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