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the Transparent Beehive Notebook
The Transparent Beehive Notebook gives an overview of the Transparent Beehive Project. It describes in words and images the intense process of Bee Monitoring and the close collaboration with numerous fellow artists, scientists, engineers and beekeepers. The relation 'bees and flowers' is an evident one and is never far away in this notebook. In an artistic way and starting from hands on experiences as a beekeeper, I give an account of the building of monitoring systems and their implementation in the beehives at the open field labs. Working with the collected open source data is explained, and most important: the disclosure to a public in a set of transdisciplinary art forms: photographs, films, sculptures and the Bee Archive.

Foraging Fields Catalogue
Catalogue of the installation 'Foraging Fields', as part of the exhibition FIELDS - Riga 2014.

Connected OpenGreens part#1
Connected OpenGreens part#2
Connected OpenGreens part#3
Connected OpenGreens part#4
A 4 volumes publication, covering the actions from 2009 to 2010 in the Open Air Lab 'Connected OpenGreens'.
The Open Green project blends organic and technological matter into one and the same nature. Through analogue and digital means we do long term observations on the growth, blossoming and decay of plants and insects submitted to natural elements such as wind, sun, rain and pollution in an urban context. We monitor and extract data from natural processes both on a micro garden level as on a macro city level and make the data available online. We research the connections between people, technology and the possibilities of rooftop gardens.

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