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NOVA-XX: hunting and collecting in a bacterial world

In her Laboratory for Form and Matter, AnneMarie Maes works on long term speculative research projects. Her laboratory is an open environment for experimentation, a space for contradiction, criticism and evaluation. In the Intelligent Guerilla Beehive project, she combines organic components with living systems and bacteria to create artifacts for the future. She makes micro-organisms grow organic biofabrics and she researches how these fabrics can be enhanced and made useful through embedded electronics and living technology. Navigating between blueprints and ‘Proof of Concept’, her projects and objects can be classified as ‘Future Archaeology’: fragments of a Forgotten World as well as fragments of a World To Come.

microcosmos (large skin)

heart beehive, emotional perception

glossa and stimuli, symbiotic action

defined by what it is not (shield)


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