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alchimia nova : disrupted sensations

annemarie maes at n0dine, 25 april - 5 mei 2019 (Art Brussels)
1. twee grote skins (300×150), hangen aan U-form metalen balk aan het plafond
2. sculptuur in geplooid metaal, met lange strip skins of verknipt tot smalle repen en los gedrapeerd rond metalen structuur (grondplan 50x50x50, hoogte 220)
3. kleine lichtbakjes geklemd tussen ijzeren constructie

tribute to Eva Hesse,
Womens' work is never done
upload schetsen voor tentoonstelling

Visible, Invisible (300cm x 300cm)

In my practice, the concept of making and producing the (light)sculptures and textiles is as a form of study. The artistic process happens in layers and is linked to the action of subtracting and adding. The concept of scale is very important. The volume of an object and its relationship with nature (micro/macro) are essential elements of my work. The choice of materials is a primary aspect of my artistic research. I always work with natural and organic components, and I create often in collaboration with living organisms as bees, bacteria and plants. The physical and aesthetic features of the materials I work with determine the forms of the individual modules, sculptures or textiles. The sculptures and textiles are appealing to touch and smell, as well are they experienced in an aesthetic, rhythmic and visual way.

- semi doorschijnend silicone materiaal (124×124), Modulor (gebruiken?)

- lightboxes

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