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Cloud in a Box: the last Clean Cloud

What about air pollution?
What is the definition of 'clean air'?
AnneMarie Maes and Frank Raes work together on the project 'Cloud in a Box', which displays a small pure
cloud emprisoned in a glass container.

The idea is to make a small orographic cloud in a box.
Modelling could give the parameters: temperature gradient, air velocity, expansion and cooling rate, … under which it would theoretically be possible?

If not an “orographic cloud”, would there be other ways to create a permanent cloud in a box?

A couple of thoughts:
- one way we do produce a cloud in a box or bottle is to pump down the pressure and then allow air to rush in , the adiabatic cooling does then produce a cloud for a short period. The big issue is that the cloud is very transient due to rapid loss of droplets to the walls.That is always going to be an issue.
- another method of obtaining a stationary cloud might be to blow a mixture of steam and cold air through the box as shown in the above diagram.

DIY oplossing:
stoom en koude lucht tegen elkaar in blazen.
Daarvoor zou dan “alleen” een luchtcompressor nodig zijn + een kookketel + box.

broeikas wolk

Aluminium broeikas polycarbonaat zonder fundament 190x185x195cm

literature & reference

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