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AHWNN / a horse with no name

the sea gives and the sea will take (palimpsest)

Video, 2021 - 7'17“.
Performers: AnneMarie Maes, Mieke Franquet, Margarita Maximova
Video Editor: Margarita Maximova
Music Score: Bill Bultheel
Early in the morning on the fifth day of the harvest month of August 2021, a seaside ritual is taking place. In a durational performance with the sea, Anne Marie Maes’ Theatrum Algaerium rises from the waves. Metal frames hold fluttering weeds and algae-carrying jars filling up with tidal water create ‘narratives woven from the threads of past, present and future’, while a team of performers prepares and offers ocean delicacies. The waves threaten to swallow up the lab but in a repetitive action, structures, algae and jars are carried past the flood line.
The beach at Ostend. Bright blue sky. Footprints in a wet sandy beach.
And so steps form a path, a trail of people who have walked along the coastline of the North Sea. The trail interweaves with a chain of shells, crabs, seaweed and algae. And whoever bends down deeply sees how in that web of traces, life lives on.
Meer info over de performance (2021) hier:


2 lightboxes each 102cm x 76cm x 14cm on metal pedestal


small sculpture with cyanobacteria (29 high, diameter ±12cm)
dried Laminaria (part) and hairy algae

tapestry, woven on Dornier Jaquard. 7 fibers
168cm x 82cm - draped as wave; 65cm x 25cm x 25cm - folded algae


Videohoek links op plan, of rechts op plan?
Indien het een aparte ruimte wordt, hoe wordt die dan afgeschermd, en op welke muur zie je de video?
Is er genoeg afstand dan tussen de muur en de zitbank?
Ik kan dus ook aan een grote flatscreen geraken (ik denk ± 130cm diagonaal) met USB mediaplayer.
Persoonlijk denk ik dat het mooier is om geen aparte ruimte te maken. Maar dan moeten we zeker met flatscreen werken. En wat met de music score? Die is zeer belangrijk in de video.


Cris Kan een 15 sec. edit maken van deze video: - voor mij geen probleem om er een stukje vertikaal uit te kadreren.
'The video, filmed in the studio and open air laboratory of Anne Marie Maes, gives an overview of the different elements of her long-term research.'

quote over Oostende:
de Zilte Zoute Zee

artist portrait ©Julia Samsonova

Anne Marie Maes is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Brussels. Her practice combines art and science, with a particular interest in biotechnology, ecosystems and alchemical processes, and she works with a range of biological, digital and traditional media, including living organisms. On the roof of her studio in Brussels, she has created an outdoor laboratory and experimental garden where she studies symbiotic organisms and the processes nature uses to create form. Her long-term projects “Bee Agency” and “Laboratory for Form and Matter,” in which she experiments with bacteria and living textiles, provide a framework that has inspired a wide range of installations, sculptures, photographs, objects and performances, all at the intersection of art and ecology.
Anne Marie Maes has exhibited her work at art centers and festivals around the world. She received an honorable mention at Ars Electronica for her ongoing research project, “The Intelligent Guerilla Beehive.”

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